We are a HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP company. We were founded in 2013 in response to the ever increasing demand for intra-company transports.

We are specialized in planning the transport and shipment of heavylift cargoes on land and at sea as well as on a diverse portfolio of maritime and technical services.

The fleet, at this time, encompasses the floating crane BHV ATHLET and BHV HERCULES and the heavylift barges BHV INNOVATION and BHV SOLUTION.

Through its membership in the HEINRICH RÖNNER GROUP, we have direct access to all maritime and technical services such as shipbuilding, welding, machining, deckbuilding and pipelaying as well as turning, ship electrical work and electrical engineering as well as to dockyard facilities in the Fischereihafen or Kaiserhafen in Bremerhaven.

Thus, we are in a position to take on major projects as a general contractor from the planning state to the execution stage. We pride ourselves on our direct communication and our network, which encompasses a multitude of partner companies that we have worked with for years.

Typical Transport Services of BVT Chartering und Logistics

Image Video 1 shows typical transport services of BVT Chartering und Logistics with both land- and watercraft, chronologically, as follows:

  • Dismantling of a Ro-Ro ramp in Büsum using floating crane BHV ATHLET
  • Loading of wind farm components of ADWEN via SPMT from shore onto barge OFFSHORE BHV 1
  • Transport of a sluice gate from Oslebshausen using floating crane BHV ATHLET and barge OFFSHORE BHV 1
  • Loading of masts of GORCH FOCK using floating crane BHV ATHLET onto multi-purpose ship BHV SUPPLIER
  • Loading Senvion’s wind farm components using floating crane BHV ATHLET

Transport of sluice gate Oslebshausen

Image video 2 shows the transport of the Oslebshausen sluice gate from the Bremen Industriehafen to the Lunehalle in the Fischereihafen in Bremerhaven, chronologically, as follows:

  • Floating crane BHV ATHLET takes the sluice gate over alongside in the Bremen Industriehafen
  • Floating crane BHV ATHLET is towed up the Weser river to Nordenham with the sluice gate
  • The sluice gate is lifted out of the water with two 800 ton land cranes
  • The sluice gate is set down upon the barge OFFSHORE BHV 1
  • The towage begins through the Fishereihafen lock to the Lunehalle
  • The discharging of the sluice gate from the barge onto the apron of the Lunehalle takes place using the trolley heavylift discharging system