Underwater Construction

A further field of activity in which we have recently specialized is underwater construction.

Both vessels, BHV ATHLET and BHV SUPPLIER, can be outfitted with mobile anchor piles which therefore can provide ideal work platforms over underwater construction sites of all kinds. These were previously deployed, for example, during the dismantling of the wind energy trial installation Hooksiel at Wilhelmshaven and in the replacement of the foundation for the Waterways and Navigation Office Cuxhaven at the mouth of the Elbe River.

Deconstruction of the RoRo installation in Buesum with BHV Athlet

In June 2017, BVT CuL Company was engaged to disasessemble the old NATO RoRo ramp in the outer harbor of Büsum and to load it on a transport vessel.

BHV ATHLET was deployed after being outfitted with two mobile anchor piles and a vibrating hammer. It was able to move flexibly in the outer harbor of Büsum and to pull the wooden dolphins which were attached to the ramps.

The ramp parts were transshipped via Bremerhaven via a freighter and, at the beginning of 2019, they were picked up by the customer for the purpose of modification.

Installation of new wooden dolphins

Examples of previous contracts:


  • For TAGU at Lunesiel
  • For GSR at the Warehouse Dock at Kleiner Westring 19
  • For the Elsflether Werft AG at the new marina at the Hunteufer
  • For the Brake Ruder- und Segelverein at the Weser Marina