Heavylift barge "BHV INNOVATION"

This modern heavylift barge with 17 ballast tanks is, in particular, suitable for transporting foundation structure and large components of offshore wind energy installations.

It has a smooth main deck with an integrated rail system as well as a special coupling system for docking against the pier. This means that loading and discharging is possible using electro-hydraulic rail-driven vehicles.

Beyond this, loading large components is also possible using Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) and cranes. To permit swift seafastening, the barge has a system for heavylift cargo lashing fasteners which is integrated into its deck. The barge has two redundant electro-diesel generators which, independent of each other, can power the ballasting pumps. In 2021, the pontoon acquired diving capability.

Data Sheet Heavylift Barge "INNOVATION" (PDF Download)

Heavy-load pontoon "BHV SOLUTION"

The modern heavy-load pontoon with 13 ballast tanks is built for RoRo operation by SPMT.

Especially huge components can be loaded easily. An integrated coupling system with two stabilizing pontoons (15m x 10m) can be used for easy loading.

The pontoon is equipped with an integraded heavyload socket for a quick la- shing. The pontoon has two redundant diesel-electric generators, both fully independent and each with the ability to power the two ballast pumps. The pontoon is equipped with a remote controlled valve, tank level and draft measurement system.

Datasheet heavy-load pontoon "BHV SOLUTION" (PDF Download)

Floating Crane "BHV ATHLET"

The floating crane can lift, transport by water and precisely place loads weighing up to 100 tons.

Primarily between Bremen and Bremerhaven, the crane can be deployed along the Weser and could – more flexibly than any land-based crane – transload any kind of heavylift cargo or high and heavy cargo. Thanks to it being operable from the water, landside berths are not required.

The lifted cargo can be deposited on the onboard loading area for longer journeys and can be deposited securely at the desired location.

Data Sheet Floating Crane "BHV ATHLET" (PDF-Download)

Floating Crane "BHV HERCULES"

The floating crane can lift loads up to 80 mt, transport them on water and precilsely position them. The crane is primarily employed in Bremerhaven but also with tug assistance along inland waters and is more flexible than mobile or port cranes in the handling of heavy and/or oversized cargo. Due to the floating cranes, waterside operations do not stain the quay. On the cranes' cargo, loads can be stowed and transported over longer distances before safely being offloaded at their destination.

Data Sheet Floating Crane "BHV HERCULES" (PDF-Download)