Special Transports

With our multi-purpose vessel BHV SUPPLIER, we can transport up to 120 tons on deck across Germany within the 20 mile zone.

We’ve executed numerous successful heavylift cargoes in the past years. In this context, we use both our own systems like the trolley system at the Lunehalle in the Fischereihafen or the APS system for lifts done from the barge into the dockyard. We also use rented systems like deployable SPMTs, e.g. for hull sections that are to be moved from the pier onto the barge.

Examples of previous transports:

  • Wind park rotor transports on the Weser between Bremen and Bremerhaven
  • Transporting wind park sections between Bremen to Cuxhaven and Hamburg
  • Transporting aerofoils from Airbus from Bremerhaven to Hamburg
  • Transporting large construction equipment between Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven
  • Transporting wooden dolphins from Bremerhaven to Wilhelshaven
  • Transporting dam gates from the Bremen area to Bremerhaven

Transporting sluice gates from the sluice gate installation HB Oslebshausen

In the course of regular maintenance of the sluice gates at sluice gate installation at Bremen Oslebshausen, two gates were transported by BVT CuL Company from Bremen to Bremerhaven and back.

The gates were, respectively, placed alongside the floating crane BHV ATHLET and towed from Bremen to Nordenham. There, they were lifted onto the barge OFFSHORE BHV 1 with the assistance of two heavylift cranes. Subsequently, the gates were moved using the heavylift trolley system via rail from the barge onto the apron of the Lunehalle.

After an extensive construction phase by BVT CuL partner companies, the first two gates were redelivered to Bremen Ports in reverse order of transport.