BVT Chartering und Logistics salvages freighter "Sabine" in Emden's southern port

The stricken inland vessel "Sabine" was successfully salvaged by our subsidiary BVT Chartering & Logistics in Emden's southern port on November 21, 2023 with the help of our Group's semi-submersible pontoon "BHV Innovation".

In addition, our "BHV Solution" cargo pontoon was used as a support pontoon as well as numerous lifting bags.
For lifting, the 85 m long and 9.5 m wide Havarist was temporarily sealed and the hold pumped empty; the "BHV Innovation" was lowered to the required draught. With the help of the ship's own winches, the Havarist was pulled onto the deck, aligned and safely lifted out of the water.

Watch the video here