SET celebrates the commissioning of the first hybrid ferry in Tangermünde

Since 1991, our subsidiary SET has delivered a total of 211 ships. Now construction number 212 has also entered the water.

The first of three newly built hybrid ferries for the Port of Hamburg was launched at SET in Tangermünde on March 6.

The ship is well positioned in terms of environmental protection. As the first hybrid-powered ship in the HADAG fleet, it has two power supplies - one via batteries and one via a combustion engine. Depending on requirements, the combustion engine or batteries will be used. The plan is for the majority of the journey to be purely electric.

Hybrid drives are particularly important for reducing exhaust emissions. This drive technology can reduce exhaust emissions by around 70%.

The shape of the ship, especially the bow area, is narrower than conventional ships of this type. The aim is to ensure that it can be moved with significantly less propulsion power.

All three passenger ferries are due to dock in Hamburg in the course of this year, the first one as early as the end of May.

The name of the ship will only be given in Hamburg.