The "Wietze" is moving

After a decades-long wait on the dry shores of Bremen-Vegesack, the ramshackle Logger “Wietze” has been purchased by a Scandinavian entrepreneur. He’s planning to refurbish it in Sweden.

BVT Chartering & Logistics is ready to assist. With its flexible floating crane “BHV Athlet”, the ship – one of the last steel sail loggers – was hoisted by the vessel back into the water, completing the first of many important steps. The logger, which was built at the Vulkan shipyard in 1902, has been lying dormant in Vegesack since 2001. Even before coming to Bremen, the traditional sailing ship was in desolate condition. It was laying in a half-flooded state along the banks of a small Swedish village.  Now, finally, steps are taken to soon put it back into service.