Transport of the Oslebshausen sluice gate

On 10.01.2019, at 04.00 in the morning, BVT Chartering und Logistics GmbH began the movement of the 800 ton heavy sluice gate Oslebshausen by 10 meters onto the heavylift platform.

In the course of this, a mobile, rail-based heavylift system was deployed. Subsequent to the rebuilding of the heavylift pushing system to be based on fixed, built-in rails of the heavylift deck of the Lunehalle in Bremerhaven, after 08.00 hours the lengthwise transfer took place onto the hevylift barge BHV OFFSHORE 1. With the assistance of the floating crane BHV ATHLET, the sluice gate was brought into the correct position and seafastened late that afternoon. After this, the barge was berthed against the pier.

Basic Data Sluice Gate:

  • Length: 38 meters
  • Breadth: 7,7 meters
  • Height: 16,8 meters
  • Draught: 8,3 meters
  • Weight: 800 tons

In the following days, the transfer of the barge to Nordenham is planned. There, the sluice gate will be lifted up and placed into the water to be fixed in front of the floating crane BHV ATHLET. Following an intermediate stop in Blexen, the thoroughly renovated Oslebshausen sluice gate, which was worked on by German Ship Repair GmbH, will be hung in place in the wooden dolphin locks of the Coalship Harbor at Bremen Oslebshausen at the latest on 19.01.2019.